‘30s – The origin
ISA is company founded by Mr. Gino Calini in Turin in 1937 and it’s still run by the founder family and by a strong management team.

ISA main business was focused on test bench for watt hour meters and protective relay test bench , but soon the company understood the requirements of the power industry market was demanding a more complete product portfolio.

‘70s and ‘80s - Numerical technology

In 1978, after a meticulous R&D process,  ISA launched on the market the first microprocessor based  relay test sets and started expanding its sales network across Italy and Europe. ISA’s continuous effort in offering the best available technology to the market is the guideline to develop in 1985 the first generation of automatic and portable relay test set (UTB model), followed in 2000 by the second generation (UTS and ART 3 models).

Integrated solutions

ISA constantly gained market share across Europe and all over the world and, starting from year 2000, ISA has integrated and completed its range of the substation test equipment. During these years ISA designed new concepts of circuit breaker analyzers (CBA family), instrument transformer test equipment (T 3000)and third generation of fully automatic relay test sets (DRTS 6).

In 2005 the first TDMS – Test & Data Management Software platform was released . The recent past is studded with new successful test sets and family products: BTS 200 - battery test system in 2008, and TD 1000+ - secondary injection test equipment in 2010. 

One stop shop solution

DRTS 66 is the revolutionary and high-end relay test set family, launched in 2012 and soon cheered by the market with a constant positive feedback.

In 2014 ISA launched for the first time a multifunctional test system for primary substation apparatus:  STS 5000 family and Tan Delta measurement unit are the perfect solution for power transformer, instrument transformers and primary injection test. 

Today and tomorrow

ISA test solutions are already integrated with the latest communication technologies such as protocol  IEC 61850-8-2 and IEC 61850-9-2 and its test equipment are already ready for the future challenges. ISA has been selected by major European electrical utilities to develop pilot projects for the on line monitoring of their critical HV assets (EDS and CB Monitor systems).

ISA presence on the market has been constantly growing through the years, with a sales network of more than 80 distributors in 100 countries. ISA headquarter is based since 1938 in Taino, Northern Italy and many branch offices were open since then: ISA regional offices are located in Singapore, India, Brazil, UAE.