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ISA Energy Master School is the unique opportunity to learn the best techniques and practices to effectively test protective relays, circuit breakers, current, voltage and power transformers, batteries and surge arresters.

ISA Energy Master School is designed and addressed to the power industry engineers and operators wishing to expand their knowledge of testing practices and reach a higher level of expertise.



ISA Training provide engineers the opportunity to learn how to use ISA test equipment to effectively test protection relays, circuit breakers, current, voltage and power transformers in high and medium voltage network. These hands-on training are for power system engineers with beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of expertise. 2-Day and 1-Day training are available. More info >>


ISA workshop is the best opportunity to learn the most advanced techniques and most common practises to effectively test power apparatus of HV and MV substations. ISA workshop is designed for power system engineers and its aim is to share the knowledge especially on protection testing and instrument and power transformers testing methods. ISA’s philosophy is strongly focused on exchanging know-how on new methods and solutions and on creating a network of people sharing experience and ideas. ISA workshops are arranged all over the world with different programs. More info>>


on site training

ISA provides upon request customer on site training; please contact us at isa@isatest.com.