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WORKSHOP > 27th October 2016:

> Total Testing Solution for High Voltage Substation


Power transformer, Circuit breaker, CT/VT, Protection Relay, Surge Arrestor and Bushing are important power system equipment and, in the event of failure, will cause great economic losses and down time.
Appropriate testing of power equipment could minimize the damage and prevent the incidents as well as improve operation efficiency.
The aim of ISA workshop is to provide engineers opportunity to learn the best technique practises to effectively test substation equipment. This workshop is designed for power system engineers wishing to expand their knowledge of testing practises and reach higher level of expertise. During the workshop, functionality and
usability of ISA testing equipment will be introduced.

Our trainser has a long international experience in training and testing of electrical apparatus.




Sunway Holet Phnom Penh, n. 1, Street 92, Sangkat Wat Phnom, P.O. box 633, Phnom Penh 12202, Kingdom of Cambodia.


Power Transformer
o Turn Ratio
o Turn Ratio test with STCS option
o Winding Resistance test with STCS option
o OLTC Dynamic resistance test with STCS option
o Short-Circuit Impedance
o Frequency Response to Stray Losses
o No-Load current
o No-load current test with TD 5000
Tangent Delta Test
CT/VT Testing
Surge Arrestor testing

Circuit Breaker
o General overview on circuit breakers
o Open and Close time measurement of main and auxiliary contacts
o Open and Close coils current measurement
o Pole spread measurement
o Open-Close-Open (OCO) test sequence
o Main contacts static resistance
o Main contacts dynamic resistance
o Movement transducers for stroke and speed measurement
Protection Relay
o Distance Protection Relay 21
o Line Differential Protection 87L
o Transformer Differential Protection 87T
o IEC 61850-8 / -9LE
o Under / Over Voltage Protection 27/59
o Frequency Protection 81
o Phase Overcurrent Protection 50/51
o Directional Phase Overcurrent Protection 67
o Earth Fault Overcurrent Protection 50N/51N
o Directional Earth Fault Overcurrent Protection 67N


For further information or registration, please send an e-mail to isa@isatest.com