EDS -Expert on line diagnostic system for HV substation equipment

EDS units are designed to continuously monitor the condition of:

  • High Voltage and Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers
  • Current and Voltage Transformers
  • High Voltage Surge Arrestors (MOV’s)
  • Power transformers
  • GIS - Gas Insulated Switchgear

The EDS is easy to install and, once configured, operates continuously. EDS units are designed to operate reliably under extreme weather conditions and electrical interference found in normal substation operations. In particular:

  • Modules mounted outdoor are IP 65 and designed to work over an extended temperature range (from - 40°C to + 85°C)
  • Self-diagnostics continuously tracks the condition of the EDS and issues alerts if an abnormality is detected in the system
  • By the continuous monitoring of the key parameters, EDS detects malfunctions in early stage and issues prioritized alarms communicating abnormal conditions and guiding maintenance decisions.